National Day of Social Action | Stdt TOOLKIT

The Pushback: Speech Writing Toolkit

Our rally will seek to raise awareness about 3 main youth justice issues:

  1. Classroom-To-Prison Pipeline – the harsher discipline that Black youth experience in schools.
  2. Youth Prisons/Solitary Confinement- the need to end solitary confinement & to close youth prisons
  3. The Youth Poverty Trap of Winston-Salem-  Winston-Salem is amongst the worst cities in the U.S. for childhood poverty. 

Each of you need to pick one of these three areas & write a 2 to 4 minute speech. (260-500 words) Below you’ll find a section of links for each topic that you can use for research.

Classroom-to-Prison Pipeline

The Classroom-to-Prison Pipeline, Explained (article)

How the School to Prison Pipeline functions (video)

2018-19 Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Racial Equity Card & 2019-2020 (local stats on suspensions, arrests, etc)

Black Girls Break Silence On School Pushout (video /stories)

The racial disparities in school discipline, in 4 charts) (stats)

Youth Prisons/ Solitary Confinement

CDF on Youth Prisons & Solitary Confinement  (see paragraph 4)

Impact of Solitary Confinement  (article)

Solitary Confinement is Especially Harmful to Youth  (article)

Closing Youth Prisons

Youth Poverty in Winston-Salem, NC

An exploration of Black Communities in Forsyth County  (report )

How did We Get HEre?  (article)

Top 20 Worst Cities in the Country for Childhood Poverty  (article)

Upward Mobility in Winston-Salem: A Tale of Two Cities  (radio clip)



Tell a story that shows how the issue is impacting Black youth. It can be personal, something you witnessed locally, or a nationally known story.


Share some statistics and data that show that this problem is VERY real and can be backed up by hard facts. 

PART 3: Solution

Share how  we can overcome this issue. What does change look like? 

PART 4: Call-to-Action/Demand

Call your audience to action. Encourage them to join the pushback for change. In this section it may be good to close with a quote from Black freedom fighter of the past or present. 

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